Game Informations

A strange gene without any explanation has led to multiple mutations in the vast majority of people, developing special abilities and characteristics. The world has become a superhuman society where, in order to help the general welfare and maintain peace, people seem to use their powers to save and help others, these people are considered... Superheroes.

Our protagonist must face this world as the son of the most powerful hero the world has ever seen, who disappeared without a trace several years ago. Despite being his son, at the age of 18 when he was supposed to enter the Hero Academy, he had not yet demonstrated any special skills or strength, in fact he managed to keep a secret to avoid the shame of being son of the greatest symbol of the world. .

However, he will discover that there is an unknown and extraordinary power within him with which he can become a great hero, a hero who will succeed in avenging his father and bringing peace back to the world.