Adult Games for: Parody

Anekin Before the Fall [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by DowN

Hendigo, the powerful and legendary Anakin, who will open the elf abduction system. Will you help them or join the organization? This game takes place 27 days before the main game's host's[…]

Secret School [Ongoing] - Version: 0.01 Pre-Prologue 0.01 Pre-Prologue (Ongoing) by TeamTwoSouls

From now on, there is no more a pawn, no more a weakling working under the command of others, and no more a coward who ignores his own pride and wants to please others. All that remains is a guy[…]

Sarada Rising [Ongoing] - Version: 1.13 1.13 (Ongoing) by Arte Eroge

You are a boy who makes a living by winning Naruto games when he leaves the house to go shopping. he dies and is transported to Naruto's world 8 years after the events that happened[…]

Latex Dungeon [Abandoned] - Version: 2018-12-18 2018-12-18 (Abandoned) by zxc

You play as Raven, a heroine trying to help people in need. You fight a monster, lose and get raped, win and gain experience.​

Noxian Nights [Finished] - Version: 1.2.4 1.2.4 (Finished) by Hreinn Games

Noxian Nights is a porn parody of the popular game LoL, and follows Riven as she tries to avenge her fallen comrades and find a new purpose. The game will focus on this idea, but will hopefully[…]

TLOL [Finished] - Version: 1.0 1.0 (Finished) by AlexZeroOne

Looks like we have a porn parody of TLOU going on here? :) Take on the role of Joel. While traveling with Ellie on patrol, you decide to stop for the night. It looks like it's going to be an[…]

Malina: The GameDay [Ongoing] - Version: 0.1 0.1 (Ongoing) by StoryTaker

Brief instructions for the game: + Use the "esc" mini-menu to navigate through answer options. + Left mouse button to move forward + Right mouse button to move backwards

The Hero Society [Ongoing] - Version: 0.1.1 0.1.1 (Ongoing) by Mr. Zolomon Games

Society has superpowers, and you are one of those who have them. And you have an interview at the headquarters of the Hero Society. Go there on your first day, meet new people and find out what[…]