Adult Games for: 3DCG

The Way [Ongoing] - Version: 0.37 Bugfix 2 0.37 Bugfix 2 (Ongoing) by Zee95

The game begins when the main character turns 18 years old. MC's parents died in a car accident when he was 8 years old. MC spends two years on the street. In the family where MS lives, there[…]

The Academy Part 1 [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by vDateGames

You play as a photographer hired at a women's college. You need to survive the distractions and avoid getting fired while you're at it with an overload of hot, sexy chicks running around.

Bad Education [Ongoing] - Version: Ep.3 Ep.3 (Ongoing) by Wicked Games Studio

You've always had good grades, but there are some things you can't learn at school! For example, after all these years at school, you still don't know much about sex. Luckily, there is[…]

Anekin Before the Fall [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by DowN

Hendigo, the powerful and legendary Anakin, who will open the elf abduction system. Will you help them or join the organization? This game takes place 27 days before the main game's host's[…]

Soles of Lakeview [Ongoing] - Version: Prologue Prologue (Ongoing) by Soniram

Madeline was unable to attend college after high school. fail the class does it. Sheltered life and secret obsession get in the way she is becoming an adult. This mostly kinetic story will[…]

I’ll Get a Bonus Paycheck if I Beat the Customers? ~The Urge to Earn Easy Money~ [Ongoing] - Version: 2019.1.2.6210 2019.1.2.6210 (Ongoing) by AleCubicSoft

Sakura works part-time at a casino bar. The bar isn't obscene, but... There is a system whereby wearing indecent clothing leads to higher wages. One night before closing, she is offered a[…]