Game Informations

Welcome to Emilia's playroom!

In this game room, you will have the opportunity to play with Emilia in many different ways in many different places.

After you visit the reception, you can enter the door of your choice.

There are over 8 doors and each door leads to a different place, taking you to a new world.

Then you can choose your favorite place to play.

The game can be viewed freely from different angles.

Instead of the unnatural changes in point of view, as in 3D modeling tools, the FPS (First Person Shooter) movement system makes you feel completely immersed, as if you are right there.

You can view the game freely in various ways, such as zooming in and out with the mouse wheel, and adjusting the viewing height.

Once you've viewed a scene, you can easily review it later using the scene select feature.

You can choose from four different hair and costume colors.

There is also a feature to make the male character transparent to make it easier to see the female body.

For those who want more time to enjoy the scene, there is also a timed stop function.

You can pause and look around from any angle.

Lumen in Unreal Engine 5, a real-time global illumination feature, delivers high quality graphics.

GeForce RTX ray tracing is also supported for even higher image quality.

And there are plans to add more scenes through future updates to the free version!