Game Informations

In 200X, a giant hole appeared in the center of Japan. Its appearance, called the Hell Hole, led to the splitting of the sea and the curvature of the land. All of Japan was distorted, and dark B-crystals appeared everywhere, giving special abilities to some people, mainly the younger generation. The special students, as these people were soon called, became objects of fear.

Japan found itself under the rule of violence and terror and was cut off from the rest of the world. A year after the appearance of the Demonic Hole, a Special Student with extraordinary strength and will managed to unite the Special Students throughout Japan. He formed the Students' Union (S.U.) to bring order back to Japan, and Japan entered peacetime, but it was not to last long.

Now the land is divided more than ever between the PGG army, the terrifying Nightmare Eyes vampires, the disciplined NPC ninjas, the fanatical Knights of the Holy Flame, and the brutal sky pirates the Skull Serpents, with no end of warfare in sight. However, one person who showed up at a Tokyo school could change Japan forever...​