Game Informations

In your wildest dreams, you would never think that you would be attacked by pirates.

was something you would be terribly happy about.

Of course, you never expected to find yourself in the hold of a slaver's galley,

after a long chain of events, you still can't come to your senses.

You didn't think your luck could be so bad.

Of course... maybe not. For the Haven Pirates have come to your aid.

Which would be an absurd statement if it were about any other group of pirates.

But the pirates of Port Haven aren't actually pirates, they're exiles.

Dedicated to the Patron Spirit of Love, Lust and Freedom,

The Order of the Wild Rose was once one of the largest and most popular orders in the Old World.

loved for being healers and blessers of the harvest.

But that was before the arrival of the Aliens.

The First Alien War caused the good races of the world to turn to others,

more militant guardian entities.

But these patrons were from Law and Order, whose Guardian Spirits did not tolerate

chaotic freedom of the Order of the Wild Rose.

Finally, after nearly two centuries of decline,

The Order of the Wild Rose was reduced by expelling adventurers,

these are the most common followers who create the Freeport of Haven... and founded the Pirates of Port Haven,

who raided imperial ships.

In particular, galleys of slaves supporting an organization that their patron spirit hates.

Rejected by this unlikely group of godbrothers and exiled misfits...

how will you adapt yourself to the wild, unbridled habits of the islands under their dominion?

Will you accept their ways or stay above it all?

Will you aspire to become a pirate? Arena Champion? Brothel order?

Or even just trading power.

The choice is yours…