Adult Games for: Female Protagonist

Risque Vice [Abandoned] - Version: 0.1.3 0.1.3 (Abandoned) by Langdon Alger

It's a game about a girl named Rebecca - or "Becca" if you prefer. She is a sweet and charming girl who is faced with a bad economic situation. You have to help her succeed in her[…]

Noxian Nights [Finished] - Version: 1.2.4 1.2.4 (Finished) by Hreinn Games

Noxian Nights is a porn parody of the popular game LoL, and follows Riven as she tries to avenge her fallen comrades and find a new purpose. The game will focus on this idea, but will hopefully[…]

Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~ [Finished] - Version: 1.3 1.3 (Finished) by Reine Works

Every person has another side that we cannot see without outside help. There are those who seek said help, and everyone sincerely desires to find their true essence. It is then that they search[…]

Milk Fighter Demo [Finished] - Version: 0.4.1 0.4.1 (Finished) by Murabito-H

It's a simple platformer that follows big-breasted adventurers who fight monster girls using milk as a weapon. This is just the very first simple demo version, in which only basic game actions[…]

Bandits Assault [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Draga

Bandits Assault is an RPG. You play as Rachel, a female bandit living in a camp with other bandits. This happens right before a big attack that will change your life forever. As a bandit, you are[…]

Evil Maze 2 [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by full

This is a retro-random strategy ARPG. Rich hidden elements, random props, random magic, random maze. Playing games is a different experience for everyone.

HimeDeka! G [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Final

Sakuya, familiar from the Hideka series, is the main character of the game. In order to secure resources, to manipulate Sakuya, who went to invade the planet, let's gradually destroy her by[…]

Forest Of The Beasts [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by oneLegNinja

You and your people have just moved to a new place with an abundance of resources. But your fellow hunters disappeared in the forest while scouting! Find them in a forest full of aggressive[…]

The Photographer 2 [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by vDateGames

"Photographer. Part 2" is the second part of the "Photographer" series. In this game, you play as a photographer who must take enough photos of nude models before a deadline[…]

Vitamin Plus [Finished] - Version: 1.7 Final version 1.7 Final version (Finished) by Blue Axolotl

Follow Yuki and Ayame on their crazy journey through their uncle's farm! Yuki and Ayame are two sisters who visit their uncle's farm for the first time. As they discover an entire part of[…]