Adult Games for: Groping

Hounds of The Meteor [Ongoing] - Version: 2024-03-30 2024-03-30 (Ongoing) by DogFactory

Meteor Impacts" is under development. We strive to create a game that combines both side-scrolling action and team-select adventure with gameplay and erotica. The direction of erotica is[…]

Like a Swatted Fly [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Kanshin Soft

Yoshida was forced to resign his seat in the prefectural legislature due to a scandal caused by his warnings against homosexuals. He decides to stay in the hospital for a while, feigning illness[…]

Knight of Love [Ongoing] - Version: Beach Special 2 Beach Special 2 (Ongoing) by Slightly Pink Heart

You, as a young man, arrive in the small and peaceful town of Moondale, where strange things began happening recently. The private school for boys, from which you where expelled, left a mark on[…]

The Way [Ongoing] - Version: 0.37 Bugfix 2 0.37 Bugfix 2 (Ongoing) by Zee95

The game begins when the main character turns 18 years old. MC's parents died in a car accident when he was 8 years old. MC spends two years on the street. In the family where MS lives, there[…]

Gyaruzuma Sex Hoka no Otoko ni Inwai Houshi Suru Ai Suru Tsuma [Finished] - Version: 1.0 1.0 (Finished) by Atelier Sakura

The main character Naohiro and his wife Risa have been married for 4 years. Their family life runs smoothly, and the good relationship between them is enviable.

Roommate [Abandoned] - Version: demo demo (Abandoned) by Drip Games

You have a new roommate and luckily she is the sweetest and hottest woman, Peach. Let's see if you can get along with her and bring out the whore inside her!

Married Woman Being Touched – Ruka, a young wife who got hooked and couldn’t move [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by High Leg Peach

Unpopular cleaning supplies shed…. The hand is stuck there for some reason and cannot move. And then the main character passes by, and in this situation... he can no longer resist touching[…]