Game Informations

Cross worlds is a game for those who love adventure, dating simulation, and exploring new worlds through interaction with unique characters. The game is currently in development and is funded by Patreon backers. We will show you the story of our city boy in a small community that exhausted all the opportunities given to him. It’s curious, but everyone except him has a wonderful life.

However, for unknown reasons, he switches places with his alter ego from another dimension. Knowing nothing about this new world and sensing a strange mystical power growing and manifesting within him, he explores this new and exciting civilization in the company of fantastic characters.

The game consists of different chapters in which you can make decisions that will affect the story. You will learn to control your emotions and influence other characters as you rise to the most important rank of heroes in your city. With a seasoned veteran and experienced adventurer as your guide, as well as your new companions, you will discover how far you can go in conquering this new and unknown world.