Game Informations

Addictive horror adventure game for adults only. This story is a heartbreaking sequel to Chelsea's Halloween adventure. After escaping from a cursed dollhouse, she finds herself in a realm created by the Jester in the image of Hell itself.

Subjected to unspeakable torment from the inhabitants of this hellish world, she loses her memory. But the candlelight demon finds Chelsea lost in a stupor, serving as a puppet in an infernal theater. He frees her, leaving her free to escape this diabolical nightmare.

Like last time, if you want to unlock Black Sabbath's adult content ending, you'll need to propitiate all the spirits and lords of hell. The choice will always be yours: go with the flow and simply go through each circle of hell one by one until you find your way out, or use your wits to find your own escape route. The adult aspect is just one part of the game and is completely optional.

It all depends on the choice that Chelsea make. As you progress through the game and choose between different courses of action, Chelsea will eventually let the darkness of Hell consume her soul, or slip away with her pure and unharmed.