Game Informations

You are a 20 year old young man who lives with Kelly, Sarah and Anna. While hazing for your new course, you have an accident that leaves you infected with a parasite called Pravitas. As far as you know, Pravitas cannot be removed and requires hormones released during sex to keep it going. The more hormones Pravitas absorbs, the stronger it becomes. The more powerful Pravitas becomes, the more he can do.

In this game, you start out as an innocent virgin, but over time, Pravitas will gradually cause you (and the people around you) to become more corrupted, releasing inner desires and eventually even fabricating desires to make it easier for him to eat ( hormones). This is a game that aims to have a real storyline and not just fuck for the sake of fucking.

The style of the game will be a kind of sandbox. Time cycles will be used, as well as statistics and money. Over time, there will be quite a lot of random events in the game.