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“All the problems of mankind stem from the inability of man to sit quietly in a room alone. - Blaise Pascal What do you do when you can't fight your demons? You are running. Run as fast as you can and pray to all the gods that you never stumble. All this running around got you to your third school in as many months. It was the only school left on the Mainland that accepted you even with a record like yours.

You realize only too well that you have one last chance, and that last chance is St. Faith. An inclusive school that will accept anyone regardless of race, background or circumstances. Almost immediately it becomes obvious that everyone there ended up in such a place for a reason.

In the past, which you are strongly opposed to confrontation, you have faced much more terrifying things, but somehow you get the feeling that this school will be your end. However, beggars don't get to choose, and frankly, your legs start to get tired.