Game Informations

You are a magician. Monster Summoner. Practitioner of the dark arts and former member of the occult. You are already retired and prefer to enjoy the comfort of your lair deep in the forest with your monster servants. The king sends his knights and soldiers after you to hunt you down for your past crimes, but you easily fight them off.

One day, a beautiful female knight invades your territory, and you, intrigued, decide not only to punish her, but also to tame her using a subjugation spell. But when greater threats force the two of you to have a common enemy, you decide to help her save the human kingdom from certain destruction.

To do this, you will have to go to the demon realm and try to convince the demon lords to start an uprising. You will go to the heavenly kingdom and try to enlist the help of the celestials. Meanwhile, you will find new followers, new women to dominate.

All in order to save the knight, her kingdom and the kingdom of people. It won't be an easy task, but with all your knowledge and experience, maybe you can become that incredible hero who gets the girl.