Adult Games for: Stripping

Sarada Rising [Ongoing] - Version: 1.13 1.13 (Ongoing) by Arte Eroge

You are a boy who makes a living by winning Naruto games when he leaves the house to go shopping. he dies and is transported to Naruto's world 8 years after the events that happened[…]

Oni´s Dice [Finished] - Version: 1.1 1.1 (Finished) by Gachi Muchi Kun

A spinoff, Oni’s Dice, is just Thad and Durk playing the eponymous game (strip poker with special dices instead of cards)​

Lida’s Adventures [Ongoing] - Version: Ep. 3 v0.219 Ep. 3 v0.219 (Ongoing) by Terebonkoff

This story is about a married couple, Lida and Dmitry. Having been happily married for 5 years, Dima was lucky to get a promotion in a new place. Of course, the new job required reasonable changes[…]

Dreaming of Dana [Finished] - Version: 0.099 0.099 (Finished) by PTOLEMY

You take on the role of a rich kid who has been given everything his whole life, making him a rather lazy little jerk. Now he works for his father's company and doesn't have much fun.[…]

Shuttlecock H [Finished] - Version: 2019-05-24 2019-05-24 (Finished) by Inlet Pipe Productions

Volan-N is a space hell in the company of beautiful women. Win their hearts while dodging deadly bullets. Give them (and maybe yourself) an incredible orgasm! Volan-H is for everyone who loves[…]

7 Sexy Sins [Finished] - Version: 1.1 1.1 (Finished) by Zai Studio

One day, when God had nothing to do and was bored, Raphael, the angelic messenger, offered God his forbidden photo book so that he could look through it. When God saw what was contained in the[…]

College Kings 2 [Ongoing] - Version: Ep.2 v2.0.1 Ep.2 v2.0.1 (Ongoing) by Undergrad Steve

You are just an innocent freshman at San Vallejo College, and you are oblivious to the path that lies before you. Growing up becomes real when you learn about the unique culture of the place you[…]

Taste of Seduction [Ongoing] - Version: 0.3.2 Early Access 0.3.2 Early Access (Ongoing) by Global Games Network

Taste of Seduction is a high-quality 3D first-person, story-based and dialogue-based RPG for adults that combines themes such as college life and spy adventures. You play as Devlin, a young man[…]

Lost [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by DSGame

This is a casual intellectual game in which beautiful girls participate to find pictures of the same shape, get beautiful pictures and practice observation.