Adult Games for: Pregnancy

Lust Age [Ongoing] - Version: 0.17.0 0.17.0 (Ongoing) by Keisi

Welcome to Lust Age, young challenger! Here you will find all kinds of girls who will want to meet you (no joke!). But... What is Lust Age, Casey? I'm glad you asked me, challenger! Lust Age[…]

Strong Desire [Ongoing] - Version: 0.3b 0.3b (Ongoing) by TheBlueInk

“After graduating from business school, you took on the role of a regular bank employee. In addition, your engagement to Anna led to an unexpected move into her family's home. As you[…]

Tentacle Beach Party [Finished] - Version: Full Full (Finished) by Yukarigames

Tentacle Beach Party is a casual strategy game for adults that combines an immersive visual novel as you progress through the gameplay. Players can expect a new standard of excellent background[…]

Aristocunts II Re:ERECTION [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Miel

The main character is so cute and the villain is so hot! It must be easy to be a leader in a game where beautiful ladies are fighting for you... This time this handsome boy prince will have to[…]

Big Breasts Ninpo Chichi Shinobi [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Mandarin Farm

◆ The largest amount of erotic content in the “Huge Breasts” series. Basic erotic scene 30 (of which video erotic scene 22) + Combat erotic scene 10 + Spot video of erotic scene[…]

Maids & Masters [Ongoing] - Version: 0.11 0.11 (Ongoing) by The Mithril Hourglass

Decades ago, the estate was attacked by the Servants of an unknown Master. Their only goal seemed to be the death of everyone in the area. There were no survivors. Our main character, the Master,[…]

The angel’s deed [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Magical Girl Club

Meryl is a sister from a small village. Meryl, who adores the angel, believed that she could become an angel by accumulating good deeds, and so she continues to do good deeds in the[…]

My Little Harem [Ongoing] - Version: Demo v0.11 Demo v0.11 (Ongoing) by Betazero

Welcome to My Little Harem. A coming-of-age visual novel for adults about a boy turning 18 and the crazy things that happen on his 18th birthday and beyond. I don't want to spoil it, but the[…]

Summonmancer Falcia ~The Forbidden Art of Enwombing Monsters~ [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by yaminabedaiichikantai

Some time ago, deep in the forest, there was a village in which skilled sorcerers and sorceresses lived quietly. They were engrossed in research into magic that did not harm people. Falcia was one[…]

Share-girl House My Girlfriend Is Shared by Others [Finished] - Version: Final Final (Finished) by Mekujira

This is an NTR/cuckold themed ADV in which the protagonist's girlfriend is "separated" by people in a hostel.​