Game Informations

It is an RPG Maker remake of the visual novel Monster Girl Quest, created by Torotoro (not to be confused with Paradox).

In a world where war between humans and monster girls has existed since the beginning of time, Luke, a student of a human hero, meets a strange monster girl who fell from the sky on the day of his baptism in the name of the goddess Ilias, her name is Alice, after which he cannot manages to be baptized because the Goddess doesn't seem to have done so.

Being overwhelmed by depression, Alice convinces him to go on a journey to defeat the Monster Master (the leader of the Monster Girls) even without Ilias' protection. On his journey, he will meet many lustful monster girls who will rape him again and again if they manage to defeat him.

Enjoy plenty of reverse rape with monster girls and this epic story on a new engine with much more gameplay than the original visual novel.