Game Informations

The plain lands of "Eos", located in the west of "Serena". Seven fortresses located on the northern borders of Eos served as the site of the war between the Alliance and the Legion. However, this conflict was in its final stages with the fall of the power of the dark elf queen.

At the call of the High Elf, the "Seven Shields Alliance" was formed to oppose the Legion. The Alliance made a request to a group of mercenaries led by the protagonist, known as the Black Dogs.

They were supposed to be the vanguard of an all-out war to end this conflict, but... Having invaded the country of the Dark Elf Queen, the Black Dogs turned this land into their fortress and began to invade their former allies. ' countries.

Panic, shock, outrage, grief... After the betrayal, the leader of the “Black Dogs” issued an incredible declaration - about the creation of a “Country” where women are obliged to participate in sexual services for all men. The women of the Alliance will soon learn from their own experience that this statement was neither a lie nor an exaggeration...