Game Informations

You play as Daniel, a man accused of murdering the son of a mafia family, in his room the police found the murder weapon and a large amount of drugs. The only problem for the police was that Daniel was in custody at the time of the murder because he had gotten into a fight with a police officer, and there were no fingerprints on the murder weapon.

Daniel's father, the town judge, believed that he had killed the victim, so he did everything he could to make her pay for his crimes and sentenced him to prison for drug dealing. Now, after 10 years in prison, he is back and vows to find the man who framed him, along the way he will meet many enemies who want to take his life and others who want him back in prison.

In his quest for revenge, uncovering many secrets, Daniel ends up in all sorts of situations filled with conflict, murder and a lot of sex with many hot women.