Game Informations

The virus epidemic kills 80% of the world's population. Anarchy and lawlessness rule the world. Collapse of the social system. Five main characters try to escape to a secret basement from two different places. The two main characters - Alexey (21 years old) and Masha (41 years old) - get to the place by car. The three others - Victor (46), Michaela (20), Diana (18) - get into trouble on their way to the basement from another location.

Seven months later, Alexey and Masha lose their last hope of seeing Victor, Michaela and Dasha again. They are on their own. They have many questions and are looking forward to “normal” times. However, they try to live an ordinary life. Isolation, loneliness and the natural desire for passion and love have a constant impact on both. Thoughts and moral concepts change. Everything becomes difficult, but also interesting...​