Game Informations

Also known as Pururun Cafe. This includes the Valentine Special, which is a harem version. My father was getting old, so I suppose I should have expected that he would eventually pass out, as he did the other day.

However, his favorite café couldn't handle his absence while he recovered, so I knew my duty - I gave notice at the office job I'd worked at after college and entered a whole new world of café management!

Cocoa, a girl who used to work here part-time, has been a big help by returning to her job as a waitress while I learn the ropes. We were still barely making ends meet, until one day my former colleague Mitsuki came in with an offer to also work in a cafe! Cocoa wasn't too happy, but we needed help, so I happily agreed.

Little did I know, she wouldn't be the last busty beauty vying for my attention - and clients! Before I knew it, I found myself surrounded by four of the most important women in my life. It's great to have them here, and without their help the cafe would be in ruins - but I could do without the stress of dealing with four of them at once!

I'm just lucky that they are more than willing to help me unwind at the end of a hard day... What's the difference between the standard version and the Valentine's Day version? The regular version works the same as described above. You need to choose a girl and end up having sex with her. Valentine's version plays like a harem.

All the girls already love you, and you can go crazy right away! And with several girls!