Game Informations

He just graduated from college and got his first job, and it's time for MC to find a place to live. However, moving from his small hometown to the city for work is a paradigm shift from the almost all-male colleges and elementary schools he attended. In his opinion, the first problem for many is simply finding a place to live.

There are not many available spaces for rent in the city. Luckily, he found a room with interesting women... During his stay in apartment 96, he will meet several interesting and bright people. Everyone has their own hopes, dreams... and fears. Often everything is exactly as it seems.

Sometimes this is not the case. If we really look at it, how much do we even know each other? This is a piece of life that intersects with a piece of everyone else's life... this is Apartment 96. The game is still in development, so the content may seem frivolous in places. We are in no way affiliated with Luxee or Apartment 69.