Game Informations

You can choose from five different female characters and play through the game to see different scenarios from that character's perspective. Explore a cornucopia of taboo topics as you assume each character's identity and progress through each part of the interconnected story.

This is a game that explores some of the more bizarre fetishes that can be found in eroge. Some say it's the worst bisojo game ever made - and it even received a perfect score of -50 on Something Awful. We think this is a crazy journey into the dark side of the eroge genre that a lot of people will enjoy.

Ikumi-chan simply cannot control her bladder.

Juleen is a clumsy nurse.

Reika is a model that has problems with constipation.

Setsuko doesn't know how to use a tampon.

Shoko has too much time for her love of vegetables.

Water Closet tells each of its stories in colorful, erotic detail, exploring themes that are usually left unspoken. Follow their stories in this fetishist's visual novel, fully voiced in the original Japanese, subtitled and translated into English.