Game Informations

About this game:

Cathouse Tale is a game project for adults featuring anthropomorphic characters. Gameplay. You will play as a prostitute in an exclusive high-level brothel. The goal is to serve clients well, get to know your colleagues better, and develop your skills. As you move up, you will be introduced to new challenges, encounters, and opportunities.

Player development. We plan to include several RPG elements into the game, such as an interesting cast of characters to interact with and unlockable skills that expand your abilities. These skills will give you an advantage in stimulating and satisfying your partners, which will become increasingly difficult later in the game.

Plot development and exploration. The Cathouse is a large place and you start at the bottom of the stairs with access to only one area. As you prove yourself, new areas of the building will open up and secrets will be revealed. Eventually, you will prove yourself worthy of the Owner and become an elite international Cathouse agent and the Owner's heir.

Please note: This release is an early alpha build and as such you may still encounter many bugs and many resources will still be developed and improved. Much more content is planned to be added later. If you encounter errors, try closing and reopening the game.