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Tsubasa Kobayashi had just started living alone while preparing for university. and everything is going to a good start; his new roommate is a beautiful woman named Hibiki and they just hit it off. Her husband lives away from work, so it seems she lives alone too, and she is eager to help Tsubasa in any way she can.

be it taking care of nasty bugs or cooking great food for him. As their relationship deepens, Tsubasa begins to feel guilty about the way things are going. but the gears of fate are already in motion... One day, he is having dinner with her, and the topic comes up that Hibiki's husband is still not coming to her.

In the face of her loneliness, Tsubasa can no longer contain his feelings and confesses his love to her. She is happy to hear his words and her response causes Tsubasa to lash out at her in the throes of passion...