Game Informations

Welcome to the office!

[About the game]

You're hiding under your sleepy colleague's desk.

Your goal is to make her orgasm a certain number of times a day.

Use your hands, stationery, and various tools to stimulate her without getting caught.

Whenever you get caught, you have the opportunity to hide for a few minutes.

Don’t delay this, because your scheduled working day ends at 18:00.

Use pleasant moments and random bonus tools to your advantage.

Move her legs and manipulate her clothes to try to create a very intimate digital encounter.

Every day she will become more and more accustomed to your advances.

The gameplay is based on the Point & Click system and only requires a mouse to play.

If you're having trouble, try reading the in-game tips or tap Help on the main screen.

Some items and features are hidden in the game - try to find them all!​