Game Informations

Uranus is a short visual novel for adults only. This is a story about people in a small mysterious town. They like to have fun, get drunk and fuck. They have a lot of free time, and gossip is a sport. They think they can talk in private, but are about to discover erotic interruptions. Follow them and discuss your interests. Hear the rumours.

Experience their sex stories along the way! Each page in the story contains CG (High Quality Rendering).Over 90 unique computer games (sometimes repetitive) have been used throughout history. From time to time, a clicker mini-game will challenge the player before unlocking the next scene. The story has no branches and only one ending, but there are several opinion-based choices similar to those found in a dating sim.

All options are used to determine one of six (one-page) bonus story endings. Replay the game and try to unlock all the endings!