Game Informations

"Who will you be? A mysterious figure out of this world? A wild mercenary with a tormented past? Or a whore from an alley into which every citizen dumps his load? The Realm is an interactive experience where you choose whether you want to be a man or a woman, and your choices shape your character.

You wake up in a cave with almost nothing but the clothes on your back (or, in some cases, naked) and your name in the background. From now on the world will be yours, take it over! Can you live in a cave and explore every corner of the world? or perhaps settle in the city with a cute elf? Or maybe get captured by a fertile goblin tribe and slurp on goblin dick for the rest of your life?

Or maybe... nothing, if in the end it matters, because darkness stirs in the north and the whispers of doom grow stronger..." *Special note: The game is only supported on Chrome-based browsers and may be unstable in Firefox or Opera.