Game Informations

Some time ago, deep in the forest, there was a village in which skilled sorcerers and sorceresses lived quietly. They were engrossed in research into magic that did not harm people. Falcia was one of the young sorceresses in the village.

One day, the king of the human empire commands his army, saying, “Destroy all the magicians who trouble the people with evil spells.” Under such an unfounded pretext, the imperial army begins to invade the village. The overwhelming force of the army quickly destroys the village.

When his evil hands reach Falcia, she is desecrated by the army monster. It is at this moment that her magic and the monster's sperm become harmonious, and the monster's life force takes up residence in her body to give birth to a new monster.

Coincidentally, her magic managed to invent the art of summoning life. The survivors find her summoning skills reassuring and task her with taking revenge on the corrupt king for the devastated village...

However, to summon a monster, she must accept the monster's seed and use herself as its breeding ground. Now she is destined to fight, getting what she doesn't like.