Game Informations

In search of something specific, the ninja girl Ayame embarks on a journey. The location of this something... it happens to be inside a fortress infested with monsters and ruled by violence... Orc Castle. To get this something…! For the sake of the Inakan regions…?

Ayame begins his epic invasion of the orc castle...! This is an erotic role playing game. Use ninja tools and art to defeat the enemy and complete your orc castle invasion mission. However! The Inakan regions are literally crawling with monsters!

Monsters that just luuuuuuuv human girls. If they find her, they will surely go mad with lust and try to attack and dominate her... If Ayame is caught... At first, Ayame is calm and collected, but the more her body is teased and tortured, the more she becomes filled with estrus-induced lust...