Game Informations

What is NEKOPARA? Why, this is cat paradise! Minazuki Kashou, the son of a long family of Japanese confectionery makers, moved to open his own store, La Soleil, as a confectionery shop. But when he left, hidden among his belongings were two cat girls ("nekos"), Chocola and Vanilla, who were being raised by the family.

When he tried to send them back, they begged and pleaded until he gave in, and now they have opened La Soleil together. With two nekos who really, REALLY love their master, try their best and sometimes fail, a heartwarming comedy ensues!

See Sayori NEKO WORKs mascots Chocola and Vanilla moving and in full voice on screen like never before. And now, thanks to the E-mote system, characters move fluidly across the screen, changing expressions and poses in countless ways.