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“Desperate and focused on finishing university, our hero has no choice but to move in with his aunt, Sarah's house. He is the only child of a single mother and has no ties to his biological father. The only time his father was brought up was when his mother briefly mentioned that they got divorced when our hero was still an infant. He is a young man who is ready to enter the university, which, unfortunately, is far from his home.

Due to a lack of money, he has no choice but to depend on Aunt Sarah for housing. It doesn't take long before our hero discovers deep secrets that his aunt and two cousins, Kate and Monique, have kept secret for years. As he uncovers each secret, his outlook on life constantly changes.

The question is... how will he use the information he learns about his family, and what will be his reaction when he finds out about the underground life they live in? What are the consequences of revealing the secrets of his aunt and cousins?”