Game Informations

Hornycraft is a 3D mouse and keyboard controlled game where you create your own sex scene. Offers over 130 different character models and body types such as: slim/athletic, muscular, busty, asses and breasts, thin to very thick. customizable clothes, hair color, skin color, eye color, and in the next update there will be hair customization. at the moment we only have night elves, blood elves, humans, draenei and orcs from wow 9.1. Also, the gender of the character can be female, futanari and femboy.

All characters have more than 200 animations, of which about 10 for each race are created specifically for creating sex scenes. You can add as many characters as you like to a scene and arrange them the way you want. Also all characters can be customized to wear items such as heels, toe rings, nose rings, genital piercings, nipple piercings, chastity cages... (I won't list them all here).

You can also switch from the character camera and controls to a free camera so you can view the scene from any angle.