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Have you ever felt trapped in your hometown? This is the story of several girls who are stuck in their hometown and have no way to get out. You will follow their lives and see what situations they have to deal with day after day. It's a kinetic novel, so it's very plot-oriented.


The first MC is Ryann. She is 18 years old and a high school student. She is a sweet, naive and innocent young woman with a heart of gold. She lives with her stepmother Katie and stepsister Carrie in a house they rent from a disgusting old man. She works at an ice cream parlor in a shopping center to pay the rent. One morning at work something terrible happens to her.

Her reaction to this event almost causes her to lose her job. Problems begin to mount as soon as she comes home from work. Before she knows it, every man in town already sees an apple on her body.


The second presenter is Kimberly. She is also 18 years old and a high school student. She is a sweet, caring and dedicated young woman. She lives with her mother and younger brother in a trailer park located on the same street as Rayanna's house.

She is responsible for providing for her family because her mother is a drunk and cannot hold down a job. Her brother's grandfather (no relation to Kimberly as they have different fathers) helps Kimberly by looking after her brother while she works, but he soon wants more than just gratitude.