Game Informations

Koyanagi Tetsuo lived in Japan as a programmer in a large IT company, living an ideal life.

One day after he had finished his work and was walking home, crossing the road, a sudden flash blinded his eyes,

the next moment he was in an unfamiliar room.

After dying in an accident, Tetsuo got another chance to reincarnate in another world.

This world was a world of magic and knights and filled with all sorts of fantastic creatures.

He was born as Adren Crimson, a half-elf, and wanted to live a normal life just like in his previous life.

but the one thing he desires most in this life is to create his own harem...because he can.

Like any other isekai, Adren did not have much power, he lived a mundane life with certain ambitions.

completed his education and returned home.

Simple, isn't it... but history is only the beginning for Adren.

Will Adren will be able to fulfill his only wish.