Game Informations

This is the basic text erotic game in Twine 2, especially in the Sugarcube story format. It is a procedural narrative generator; it's not the erotic games you might have played with set characters and plot, it's an open world where the player, a wealthy slave owner, can have fun. I've played a lot of Jack o Nine Tails, which I wholeheartedly recommend, and it's probably the closest thing to it: here's the slave market and some cash, go have some fun.

This enhances Twine 2 in terms of user interface, so keeping it up and running is an ongoing process. The game's story justification is that it's twenty minutes into the future, and the onset of ecological and social collapse has led some rich people to carve out small additional national enclaves called Free Cities. Think of modern city-states, but following extreme forms of anarcho-capitalism.

Don't worry, the soft futurism fades after two screens and allows the player to continue the fun. The list of included perversions is too long to list here, but it includes a lot of extreme things like involuntary surgical change, sexual bondage, and most other things related to bondage fantasies. I do my best to separate the content so the player doesn't get overwhelmed by things they didn't subscribe to; in particular, there is content for slaves with members, but it can be turned off when the game starts.