Game Informations

The main character is so cute and the villain is so hot!

It must be easy to be a leader in a game where beautiful ladies are fighting for you...

This time this handsome boy prince will have to work hard, and you, the main character of this story,

are reborn in the game world.

Given all your knowledge of the plot, this replay will not be difficult!

How to put an end to Rose's plan to steal the prince for herself?

By fucking her, of course! Then you two can put your perverted heads together and find:

a way to convince pure, sweet little Monica that the prince isn't really worth it,

when she can ride your magnificent resurrected erection!

Your balls are deep in the pussies of the political forces of this virtual world,

you're ready for a quick trip down the easy street!

You are the king of the world, baby!​